Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hexham Model Flying Club Website

Hexham Model Flying Club's website has been updated. With more content and a new look, it is hoped that there will be renewed interest in this resource. There are added photos of the clubs flying activities as well as some new videos. Check it out.

Please email in news and pictures for the site. Details on the site which can be found here.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Health and Safety Advice from the Club

A most unfortunate ailment has befallen chief of Naughtiness, Sadfly.
Glen had recently bought a bi-plane. Appropriately christened 'Steinway', this aircraft weighs 8kg. Being a rather excessive weight for a 48" wing span 40 sized model, Glen has been forced to fit larger engine (pictured here before fitment) obtained from a nautical supplier.

The 'Steinway' itself has been constructed from reinforced concrete sections. Once sanded into shape, it has been covered in lead flashing to give an authentic weathered aluminium sheeting appearance.

The flight envelope for the model, picture here prior to covering, is interesting. At full power, the model requires the full 800 metres of the Watch Currock runway before clearing the boundary fence by 2 cms! Once airborne, the model is surprisingly aerobatic. Gentle left and right hand turns are possible, with practice. Landing, like take off, requires full throttle. The landing speed is quite fast as is to be expected with a wing loading of 1.2Kg per square cm. To counter this, the model has been fitted with an undercarriage constructed from second hand RSJs. A couple of turns of gaffer tape have endowed the undercarriage with an attractive appearance, as well as that all important streamlining!

Sadfly had kindly volunteered to carry Glen's pride and joy to the runway. It was at this point, a pain was noted in the groin area. Following investigation by the stronger stomached members, a hernia was identified. As a result the following health and safety advice has been issued by the club;

Before attempting to lift Glen's bi-plane, all members must first wear the support truss provided. The club pair can be found in the mower box.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Sparks Fly

The Naughty Boys had a big night on bonfire night. Flo, proprietor of Stanegate Flyers had arranged a flying display to take part in front of the Hexham bonfire night crowd.

Providing the Naughty Boys with a pair of his SB42 Goflykites,the plan was to display at night in front of the 15000 strong crowd! Together with Flo and ace pilot son Meekle, 4 of the Goflightkite range would be put through their paces.

Despite being the most cynical and opinionated flyers at Hexham Field, Sadfly and Flygeek were forced to admit that it was one of the most awe inspiring episodes in their flying history. Night flying really works and the Goflykite range performed (and survived) beyond all expectation.

This unique event, displayed the hobby to a massive crowd who had no prevous experience of model flying and at night. The resulting response was overwhelmingly positive. Truly a first in model flying history.

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