Sunday, 28 June 2009

24 Hour Flying at Hexham Field

Following years of complaining about; wind, rain, ice and snow, the Naughty Boys have recently faced a new adversary! A strange golden orb has appeared in the Northumberland sky's above Hexham Field. Some of the older members have managed to identify this as 'The Sun', previously only known to Sadfly as a source of carnal pleasure!
Of course welcoming such apparitions, or indeed anything new, is alien to Hexham club members and so moaning was the order of the day. 'How are we expected to fly whilst squinting and being blinded by that thing?' was a common whinge.

Fortunately, help was at hand in the form of Stanegateflyers. Proprietor Flo brought along one of the GoFlyKite range, the SB42 from the Hexham shop. Fitted with a plethora of LED lights, the Naughty Boys discovered that flying could now be done after that bright thing has left. Even in the calmest breeze (8 - 10 mph) Hexham Field has known, the model surprised all with it's turn of speed and maneuverability. No longer heard to mutter 'it'll never catch on' the Naughty Boys are now studying Ohm's Law with renewed interest and applying to their carers for late passes!